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An incredible combination of European and fusion jazz-rock music traditions of the Far East. Such vivid and organic linking two completely different worlds in absolutely original and perfect processing occurs rarely! ...Jazz-rock language and phrasing has a very virtuoso level.

Sajrawy lies the magic of music in the rotation of the different styles of guitar and its insertion into different contexts.

Paper review in Slovakian. Pavel Visek

"Floating City"is a very communicative album, it's vitality magnet capable of attracting daily customers that like any other kind of music.  Robert Ratajczak,


World music, jazz, pop, new age, progressive rock and virtuosic virtuosity - all this unifies the album, which speaks to the listener, to a world-wide acoustic message that is both intimate and distant. Discover! Andreas Schiffmann,

"Floating City" is commendable enriching musical horizons.

One of the most interesting achievements of recent times is the CD Floating City... Milan Tesar,

Michel Sajrawy is amongst these artists who discovered a way to express his electric guitar a path of jazz fusion with roots in Middle eastern sensibility  Gerald Van Waes,

Sound = %100, Packing = %90, Music = %80, AVERAGE SCORE = %90 Jan Hocek,

As with any consummate musician, Michel Sajrawy continues to evolve, not only on his instruments, but as a person seeking knowledge and wisdom. The music he refers to, and chooses to expand upon, hails from an ancient era, which has withstood the test of time, yet is pliable into contemporary forms. In this ode to Nazareth, he relies on the power of music to bring people together, an effort worth applauding. James Nadal, All About Jazz

The solos of the electric jazz guitar hunt with illustrious lightness through this clear, beautifully speritualized and internal sound... For one thing is certain, the works of Michael Sajrawy have long breath. Volkmar Mantei,

floating city album

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